Digging Abroad

Would you like to dig abroad? If you wish to dig in Britain, you can of course consult the Handbook of Archaeology which we publish free to Current Archaeology subscribers with the Spring issue. However, if you want to dig abroad, you should subscribe to Archaeology Abroad, which publishes two bulletins a year in April […]

Kuk, Papua New Guinea

Research reveals Papua New Guinea was a region where agriculture evolved independently

Earliest Man

160,000 year old human skull discovered in Afar

Llublijana, Slovenia

A wheel found in Slovenia dates to around 100 years earlier than the previous record holder


Albania & Ukraine

Richard Hodges compares the archaeological situations in Albania and the Ukraine


Letter from Baghdad

John Curtis sends a postcard from Baghdad considering heritage work after the Iraq war


Letter from Jerusalem

Kay Prag, the author of the standard Blue Guide to Jerusalem reports on the situation