Life and death in Sefidkuh

An ongoing study in the Makran Sefidkuh region of Iran is shedding light on the culture and archaeological remains of communities in the area, stretching back to prehistory.

Cyrus Homepage


On the plain of Pasargadae, Cyrus the Great founded a spectacular garden palace. Nothing like it had ever been seen in the region before, raising questions about where the idea came from, how the garden was maintained, and where the inhabitants lived. Recently, an Iranian-French team went searching for answers.


Excavating Iran: Stories from the Silk Road

When Ed Keall first visited Iran, at the age of 24, little did he realise that he was about to embark on an archaeological venture – involving a Persian castle and a fire temple – that has now been 50 years in the making.   In 1962, I took an adventurous trip to Iran to […]

The remains of Bardak Siyah Palace

Iran: Persian Splendour

Three opulent palaces sit within a stone’s throw of each other, built when Persian kings ruled the greatest empire in the world, and destroyed when Alexander the Great swept through Persia. Who made them, and why? Hassan Karimian examines the evidence.


Persian Gulf: the first migration?

The shallow waters of the inland sea known as the Persian Gulf might well hold the evidence of the earliest human migrations out of Africa, says Jeffrey Rose, an archaeologist and researcher with the UK’s University of Birmingham. In a paper called ‘New Light on Human Prehistory in the Arabo-Persian Gulf Oasis’, published in Current […]


Mughal Emperors and the Islamic Dynasties of India, Iran and Central Asia, The

Ever since the 17th century, Mughal emperors have had a stronger hold on the world’s imagination than any other eastern rulers – hence our modern word for a powerful, wealthy and probably dynastic person, ‘mogul’. Anyone who has seen the Taj Mahal or the Red Fort – not to speak of the tomb of Itimad-ud-Daula […]


Bisitun, Iran

Bisitun, site of a rock-cut relief that enabled the decipherment of cuneiform Babylonian has been made into a World Heritage monument


Siraf: Iran

Mark Horton writes from Iran where he explored the site of Siraf

Bam, Persia

Exclusive report on the effects of the devestating 26.12.2003 earthquake on the historical remains of Bam, Iran