Issue 14

Calima is visually stunning. Calima is coffee-country: a balmy corner of South America’s Colombia. Calima is also famed for its pre-conquest gold, fashioned into fabulous beasts, jewellery, face-masks and a medley of other ornaments. However, most of this gold has been found as the result of looting by 20th century settlers, representing a massive loss to the archaeology of the area. This prompted the formation of the Pro-Calima Foundation in 1979 and since then, the Foundation has been undertaking pioneering research to dig and document the material-culture of this distant land. The magazine opens with the resultant feature: Calima, land of Gold and Shamans.
Moving closer afield, the Graeco-Roman city of Butrint in Albania is one of the most beautiful cities of the ancient world. Modern development has been kept firmly at bay and excavations have revealed not only the Greek centre and the late antique palace but also the Roman city which is finally emerging on the other side of the channel. Butrint however, is best seen from the air, and now two intrepid flyers – one using a kite, the other going aloft in a

Butrint Museum Re-Opened

After undergoing refurbishment Butrint’s oldest museum will open to the public on 22nd October 2005

Hominids Diets

Tooth analysis Appears to suggest that early hominids favoured a different diet to that of modern humans



David Mason writes about the unusual excavation techniques he learnt as an excavator in Japan


Yemen, Arabia Felix

Richard Hodges reports from the land of multi-storey mud-brick architecture, known to the Romans as Arabia Felix

Review: The Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization

‘Some of the recent literature on the Germanic settlements reads like an account of a tea party at the Roman vicarage. A shy newcomer to the village, who is a useful prospect for the cricket team, is invited in. There is a brief moment of awkwardness while the host finds an empty chair and pours […]

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