Binders and slipcases

Binders and slipcases are the perfect solution to keep your magazines ordered and in great condition.  

Both types are dark blue with gold lettering, and hold 12 copies of the magazine.

The binders and slipcases below fit the new larger size of the magazine (issue 50 onwards).  To purchase binders and slipcases for the old size (up to and including issue 49), please contact us directly.


Slipcases come in the form of a 5-sided box, with an open front where your magazines can slide in and out and can be read individually.

£15 (UK)
£20 (non-UK)



Binders come in the form of a folder, and contain 12 thin metal rods that slip between the pages of the magazines, pinning the spines securely to the back, and allowing the magazines to be read as an entire volume.

£15 (UK)
£20 (non-UK)



We also sell binders and slipcases for our two other magazines – Current Archaeology (dark red with gold lettering) and Military History Monthly (black with gold lettering). To purchase these items, click here.

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