Richard Hodges: Providenciales, Turks and Caicos Islands

As we set off down Philadelphia’s runway, the pilot drolly piped up to say, ‘at least we didn’t have to de-ice [the plane] today.’ A muted ripple of laughter passed through the serried ranks of seats as we set southwards and onwards into crystalline horizons with glimpses of shimmering coral reefs and long sandy beaches. […]

Caribbean: Something cooking on Carriacou

A tiny Caribbean island has produced one of the most diverse collections of prehistoric non-native animal remains ever found in the region. Excavations at two sites on Carriacou revealed that five species were introduced from South America between c.AD 1000-1400. One, opossums, can still be found there today, but the other four – peccaries, armadillos, […]

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Dental News on Columbus Crew

Discoveries from South American graveyard thought to contain the dead from Christopher Columbus’ second voyage to the Americas



The Archaeology of Antigua in the Caribbean, once at the epicentre of slavery, empire and wealth


Caribbean Petroglyphs

Michael Chaplan follows in the footsteps of early 20th century archaeologist and surveyor, Thomas Huckerby, in search of Caribbean petroglyphs

Belmont, Caribbean

When were the Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean, first settled? Peter Drewett has been excavating an important prehistoric settlement at Belmont, first established around AD 600. Later it was replaced by a ball and dance court, oriented perhaps on the dramatic Belmont Hill, shown here.