Aphrodite at Amantia

High on a hilltop near the village of Ploçe, Albania, lie the ruins of the ancient polis of Amantia. The city was founded in the 5th century BC and is first mentioned in ancient sources around the middle of the 4th century. It experienced an economic and cultural boom during the Hellenistic period, and from 230 BC started to mint its own coins.

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CWA travels to Apollonia & Byllis

Nearly 20 years of digging in and writing about Albania’s ancient sites has left a vivid impression on archaeologist and traveller Oliver Gilkes.


CWA travels to: Butrint, Albania

How on earth do you get the students up at 5am? That, rather than the archaeology, is the question that preoccupies my colleagues at the American University of Rome when I mention the Butrint Field School in Albania. Students are not generally known for their eagerness to rise at the crack of dawn and those […]


A postcard from the Forty Saints

Today the Forty Saints sits discreetly above the crowded bay of Saranda (Hagioi Saranta), in southern Albania, overshadowed by telephone aerials. Enter the arcing harbour and your eye is drawn to a melée of small boys plunging into the water, little sun-tanned minxes in an otherwise sleepy, almost dreamy, tourist town. Saranda’s ancient history, when […]


Albania, Butrint

Richard Hodges reflects upon a rich year at the glorious site of Butrint in Southern Albania, and on his search for one of its most distinguished citizens: the 1st century BC millionaire Titus Pomponius Atticus.


Cape Styllo

Richard Hodges sends his regular archaeological news, this time from Cape Styllo, a ‘no-man’s land’ between Greece and Albania

Butrint Museum Re-Opened

After undergoing refurbishment Butrint’s oldest museum will open to the public on 22nd October 2005



Over the years there have been several magic moments during my digging career. Trowelling down to reveal my first mosaic in a Wiltshire Roman villa was possibly the first; peeling back the dirt to expose a brightly painted ninth-century abbot in a crypt at San Vincenzo al Volturno was simply breath-taking. Now I have another […]

Mozafer Korkuti

Richard Hodges interviews Muzafer Korkuti, Director of Albania’s Institute of Archaeology

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