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Dubai is best known for its luxury shops and futuristic architecture. But this year the UAE is encouraging tourists to visit its ancient historical sites too. David Millar takes us on a tour.   Dubai does such a good job of promoting its image as a destination of world-class shops and luxurious hotels that it […]

Qaryat Al Fau

He reportedly received death threats in the 1970s for promoting pre-Islamic history in the Kingdom. During a helicopter trip to the site in 1981, tail-rotor failure at 9,000 feet almost brought his life’s work to an untimely end (mine as well). Professor Abdul Rahman Al Ansary led excavations during 20 years on the site of […]



Celebrating the Garden of Eden Last month, CWA joined a host of international archaeologists on Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of archaeological excavations on the island. This provided an opportunity for us to witness some of Bahrain’s key ancient sites and to hear of future plans and concerns. Bahrain is […]


United Arab Emirates

A tour of the archaeology of the UAE, with a focus on the sites of Marawah, Buhais, Hili and Muweilah