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In the 8th century BC, the Spartans subjugated their Peloponnesian neighbours, the Messenians. When eventually Sparta was conquered, the Messenians founded a new city at Messene, which flourished in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. Now, a major restoration project has made it one of Greece’s best preserved ancient cities, far triumphing over Sparta’s paltry remains. Revenge is sweet! But what exactly remains to be seen at this gem of a city? The current issue opens with a feature uncovering the wonders of Messene.
Thereafter, we go beneath the seas. In 1694, HMS Sussex was lost in the Straits of Gibraltar. Various reports have estimated that


Messene uncovered

An extended feature on Messene, the best preserved city in the southern Peloponnese


Medievil City of Zabid Revealed

The city of Zabid was a cultural and political centre of Medieval Yemen. The archaeologists can finally reveal the story of this dynamic site


Elah city-fortress, Khirbet Qeiyafa

Five lines of faded characters written in ink and divided by black lines on a scrap of pottery measuring 15 by 15cm are being claimed as the earliest example of Hebrew text yet found.


King Soloman’s mines

Excavators at Herodium have reiterated their claim that have found king Herod’s sarcophagus


First Farmers Fashion

The adoption of green beads used for jewllery coincides with the adoption of agriculture


Rock Art, Malalysia

George Nash explores the rock-art of Malaysia and invites readers to join in



Richard Hodges gets gourmand in Spello, Italy

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