Arabia's Stonehenge

Yemen: Arabia’s Stonehenge

While surveying the inhospitable Red Sea coastal plain of Yemen, archaeologist Ed Keall took a wrong turn on his way back to base camp. As he tells Nadia Durrani, his mistake turned out to be monumental.


Medieval City of Zabid Revealed

The city of Zabid was a cultural and political centre of Medieval Yemen. The archaeologists can finally reveal the story of this dynamic site


Yemen: On Tour

CWA’s editor Nadia Durrani take us on a tour through one of her favourite countries, Yemen


The Architecture of Yemen

When it comes to durability and aesthetic appeal, the master builders of ancient Yemen knew a thing or two about sun-dried mud. And their accomplishments hold lessons for modern developers in Arabia, according to Iraqi architect Salma Samar Dalmuji. Lavishly illustrated with striking images of mud-brick city towers, mosques and desert palaces, The Architecture of […]


Yemen, Arabia Felix

Richard Hodges reports from the land of multi-storey mud-brick architecture, known to the Romans as Arabia Felix