Iron Age artefacts – Tartaria, Romania

Archaeological investigations have unearthed an Iron Age hoard during the construction of a new highway near the modern village of Tartaria in Romania. More than 200 objects were recovered, including jewellery, weapons, and pieces of harness. A pot containing the bronze and iron artefacts was found close to evidence of a prehistoric settlement by archaeologists […]

Romania: Threatened ‘city’

A massive Late Bronze Age (1500- 1100 BC) fortified settlement in Romania is under threat from intensive agriculture, according to archaeologists from Romania, Germany, and Britain. Funds are urgently needed for excavation before the site at Cornesti-Iarcuri is ploughed out. The site, located in the plains of the Banat in western Romania, is almost 6km […]

Apulum: Romania

Deep in the heart of Transylvania, at the long dead colonia of Apulum, the archaeologists have been uncovering a shrine to the Roman god Liber Pater