Issue 13

One of the strange aspects of the great cities of the ancient world is the way they maintained what might seem to be excessive storage capacity. A fascinating example of this has recently been discovered at Hattusa/ Bogazk

Bogazkoy / Hattusa

The excavations at the Turkish site of Bogazkoy, capital city of the Hittites

New Orleans

Andrew Selkirk recalls the city before the devestation of Hurricane Katrina, and reveals some unusual burial practices

Wadi Faynan, Copper Mine

Revealed: the evidence for ancient copper mining at Wadi Faynan in Jordan, sinisterly called ‘most polluted place on earth’

Bourbonne les Bains

A close look at the copious Roman artefacts found at the bottom of the sacred spring at Bourbonne-les-Bains in France

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