What our readers think

“I’ve been receiving the magazines since the very beginning, and get them properly bound into volumes – they look superb, they really do!  The standard of the magazines is going up and up and up.”

– JA from West Midlands, by phone

“It was a present last year from my mother, and it’s absolutely excellent, so I’ll be keeping it going long term.”

– SL from Solihull, by phone

“It gets more and more fascinating with every issue, constantly intriguing. And you can quote me on that!”

– DW, by phone

“Current Archaeology and Current World Archaeology are so much better than other archaeology magazines, the articles are so much better written. The other magazines are like slices of sugar, but your magazines are like great big slices of cake in the mail!”

– SO from New York, by phone.

“They’re (the magazines are) an absolute joy. Wonderfully presented!”

– ML from Chichester, by phone

“I kept seeing your magazine in my neighbour’s post and I just had to call up to subscribe! I recently bought the latest issue and would love to find out more.”

– JR, by phone

“As a subscriber, I find your magazine fascinating and informative. I have participated in excavations as part of academic endeavors and always enjoy reading about recent developments in the field…I know I will continue to enjoy the issues to come!”

– RD, Queen’s University Canada, via email.

“Great / interesting / informative, even my husband (why’ve we got to visit another pile of rubble) has started reading them!!!”

– JG via email

“Archaeology from around the world is just my thing…marvellous magazine!”

– JM from Wimbledon, via phone

“Fantastic covers, and your photos are so good…never want to miss an issue!”

– SP via phone

“…Thank you – this is the kind of service that brings customers back and is much appreciated”

– CR via email

“Excellent value for money! Much enjoyed by me, then passed on to many family and friends to enjoy too.”

– JM from Colchester, via phone

“Having always been a follower of current world archaeology and sometimes buying this magazine, I decided to subscribe so as not to miss another issue, love this magazine and have always had an interest in history and archaeology. :)”

– PM, via online

“I’m a new suscriber to this magazine and I love it. I stopped what I was doing and sat down and read the latest issue from cover to cover when it arrived last week.”

– RL, via online

“Very very good publication.  It’s a joy to read every time it comes through, very good.”

– IV from London, by phone

“I was a volunteer digger in 1963 with Manchester University under the leadership of Hugh Thompson. It started a lifelong passion for all things archaeological although I was never able to pursue a career in that field. So thank goodness for your wonderful magazines, CA and CWA which I’ve been subscribing to almost from the beginning, at least I can still indulge my passion from the armchair!”

– VH from Cumbria, via email

“Thank you for a wonderful magazine! I shall recommend it to my friends.”

– MR from London, by post

“LOVE the magazine. God, how fascinating to learn about so much of the earlier world.”

– JL from USA, by post.

“CWA 61 has just arrived, and I just wanted to ring and say how fabulous it looks!”

– CB from Staffordshire, by phone

“I love the magazines – they are beautifully turned out, with no grammatical errors, printed on very nice paper and written with a sense of humour about some of the articles.  The whole thing is set out in a very enticing manner.”

– PT from Plymouth, by phone

“I could offer my gratitude to CWA for being a rare light amidst the ever encroaching cultural gloom, but I’ll stick to a simple – thank you and keep up the consistently excellent work.”

– DP, by email

“Thanks so much for taking the time to check into this & communicate with me.  CWA is definitely worth the wait.

I get lots of magazines with archaeological content – Archaeology, American Archaeology and National Geographic, but CWA has become my favorite in the last few years.  I love the mix of columns, short & longer articles, the pieces about both recent discoveries and discoveries in past etc.

Thanks for editing such a great magazine!”

– GH, by email

“You’ll be pleased to know that when my children ask me what I want for Christmas, my answer is always a subscription to Current Archaeology and Current World Archaeology. They are wonderful magazines, I love them to bits and I hope to continue with them for a very long time.”

– AK from Wisbech, by phone

“I think your magazine is top notch.  A very good publication in the field.”

– RU from Long Island NY, by email