Category: Issue 27

The ‘Red Snake’, or Gorgan Wall, of northern Iran is one of the world’s greatest frontiers. This mighty wall is longer than the combined length of Hadrian’s Wall and the Antonine Wall. But who built it? And when? Alexander the Great? The Romans? The Sasanians? An international team of archaeologists has been at work and here they finally unravel the secrets


Jerablus and the Land of Carchemish

The site of Jerablus Tahtani, which rises up in the Uruk period, becomes strongly fortified in the Early Bronze Age, but is abandoned around 2,300 BC


Nemrut Dag

The 1st century BC site of the local dynast, Antiochus I, who ruled a small but wealthy kingdom in south-east Turkey called Commagene


Alaska’s Rock Art

The intriguing rock art from the Alaskan rock shelters of Tuxedni and Clam Cove


Great Arab Revolt Project

The Great Arab Revolt Project, the CWA-backed excavation, is in its second season. Here the team tells of the latest results


The Architecture of Yemen

When it comes to durability and aesthetic appeal, the master builders of ancient Yemen knew a thing or two about sun-dried mud. And their accomplishments hold lessons for modern developers in Arabia, according to Iraqi architect Salma Samar Dalmuji. Lavishly illustrated with striking images of mud-brick city towers, mosques and desert palaces, The Architecture of […]


Ohthere’s Voyages

Ohthere was a Norwegian seafarer, who visited the court of Saxon King Alfred during the 850s AD. He was an honoured guest, who regaled the court with stories of his voyages along the coast of Norway, as far south as Hedeby at the base of the modern-day Danish peninsula, and deep into the Baltic as […]

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