Running dry

The collapse of Classic Maya civilisation was brought about by war and social unrest driven by climate change, newly published research suggests. An international team of scientists have analysed stalagmites in Yok Balum cave, Belize, to reconstruct a precisely dated record of rainfall in the Classic Maya region, dating back 2,000 years. This was compared […]


Belize, Sweatbath

What do we know of Maya ritual practices? New revelations of a well-preserved sweatbath at Pook’s Hill in western Belize are hot. Christophe Helmke and Jaime Awe write.


Lamanai, Belize: Collapse of the Maya

Did the great Maya civilisation really collapse? Jim Aimers writes of the intriguing evidence from Lamanai, the splendid Maya site in northern Belize

Roaring Creek, Belize

Current excavations and survey in the Roaring Creek valley in Belize bring to life an ancient Maya community

La Milpa, Belize

Norman Hammond discovers discovers lost city of La Milpa, still mostly hidden by jungle