Iceland: Are the Lewis chessmen from Iceland?

Scandinavian and British experts meeting at an academic conference in Reykjavík have been debating the origin of the 12th-century Lewis Chessmen, a hoard of walrus ivory gaming pieces found in 1831 on Scotland’s Isle of Lewis, one of the most significant archaeological discoveries ever made in Scotland. The British Museum, which subsequently acquired 82 of […]

My old trowel.

Volcanic Revelations Iceland

Volcanic eruptions have helped Icelandic archaeologists pin down to within one or two years the earliest settlement of the island. The 2001 excavations at the site of the Reykjavik Centrum hotel led to the discovery of the remains of a longhouse that have now been dated by means of the ash that seals part of […]


Litlu-Nupar Boat Burial

An account of the new discovery of a 9th century Viking pagan boat burial – the first to be discovered in Iceland for 40 years