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What was the fate of archaeology under Communism in post-war Europe? In the East, the Communists carried out immaculate reconstructions of many of their historic city centres

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Aquincum, Roman Budapest

The tumultuous history of the legionary fortress and civilian town of aquincum, Roman Budapest


Ziyaret Tepe

What was life like on the northern frontier of the assyrian empire?The colonial site of Ziyaret Tepe reveals how boom went bust


Serra Da Capivara

The compelling rock art of north-eastern Brazil explored. But how might it redraft the story of early human migration


Lost Languages

From Minoan Linear B to Maya glyphs, Andrew Robinson explains how to decode the past

My old trowel.

A New Dating Technique for Fired-Clay Ceramica

Arelatively simple and inexpensive technique for dating ceramics has been developed by scientists at the UK’s Manchester University that could revolutionise the dating and phasing of archaeological sites. Called ‘rehydroxylation dating’, the method is based on the discovery that fired-clay materials, such as brick, tile and ceramic, recombine chemically with environmental moisture at a constant […]


Tooled Up Chimps

‘Why don’t we study the chimpanzee stone age?’ asks an international group of researchers in a paper recently published in the journal Nature (Vol 460, July 2009). Based at leading universities in Europe, Asia and America, the authors argue for the creation of the new interdisciplinary field of primate archaeology to answer such fundamental research […]


Obituary: Lawrence Barfield

Lawrence Barfield (1935-2009) As remembered by the Editor This article is an extract from the full article published in World Archaeology Issue 37. Click here to subscribe



Richard Hodges tours the Salento in South Italy; there he finds a clash of civilizations and some intriguing Medieval graffiti

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