Travel: Vela Spila

The millennia-long story of a Croatian cave Magnificent Vela Spila overlooks the town of Vela Luka, which spreads around an L-shaped bay on the island of Korčula on Croatia’s Dalmatian coast. The imposing cavern yawns to accept the visitor down into its depths, where archaeologists from the EUH2020-funded Mend the Gap project have been finding […]


CWA travels to Zagreb and Beyond

Exploring Iron Age burial mounds on the Trail of Princes, Patrick Skinner sets out from the country’s capital on a voyage of archaeological discovery.


Breaking the mould

Excavations in Croatia have uncovered evidence of Palaeolithic artists who were modelling ceramic figurines at the end of the last Ice Age – thousands of years before the use of practical pots in the region. University of Cambridge/Vela Luka (Croatia) Centre for Culture investigations at Vela Spila, a large limestone cave in the central Dalmatian […]


Roman vessels – Vinkovci, Croatia

Archaeologists recovered a hoard of nearly 50 Roman silver luxury utensils at Vinkovci in Croatia, describing it as one of the most important discoveries in the country. Unusually, the whole hoard was excavated by professional archaeologists who, therefore, were able to record its entire archaeological context. The find, made during investigations ahead of construction work, […]


Zadar & Nin: Croatia

Richard Hodges writes about the coastal towns of Zadar and Nin, introducing us to their diverse histories

Cancer Research in Croatia

Archaeological evidence suggests the prevelance of cancers may have been significantly less in our ancestors