Into the daylight: a new rock art discovery

Portugal’s Côa Valley contains Europe’s greatest collection of open-air Ice Age images. Across 17km, there are currently more than 530 known panels bearing several thousand figures. A major new discovery there is of particular importance, as Thierry Aubry, António Fernando Barbosa, Luís Luís, André Santos, and Marcelo Silvestre explain. The discovery of paintings in the […]


Secrets of the dolmens: Discovering lost masterpieces by ancient artists of the Iberian Peninsula

Rock-art specialists George Nash and Sara Garcês reveal spectacular prehistoric paintings hidden in the burial chambers of central-north Portugal. Thousands of late prehistoric burial-ritual sites litter the Atlantic façade of Europe, most dating to the 5th millennium BC, when first Neolithic and then Bronze Age pastoralists tended the fertile plains and valleys. These societies were […]


Megalithic float

Francesco Benozzo, of the University of Bologna, studies the continuity of Palaeolithic words into recent languages as a means of understanding ancient societies. In The European Archaeologist, he reports on recent field research near the Portuguese megalithic site of Almendres, where the name used to indicate a megalithic stone is ventrecurgo, and near Kercado, in […]


Neanderthals Reveal True Colours

Professor João Zilhão and colleagues at the University of Bristol, UK, have found pigment-stained and perforated marine shells at two Neanderthal-associated sites in south-east Spain (the Cueva de los Aviones and the Cueva Antón, both in the province of Murcia) which prove that Neanderthals wore neck pendants and used red, black and yellow pigments for […]


Neanderthals, Dental Dating of Demise

Professor Zilhão of the University of Bristol and his colleagues have used red deer teeth and bones from the Portuguese cave site of Pego do Diabo (in the outskirts of Lisbon) to ask how long Neanderthals survived in the Iberian Peninsula. Excavations on Gibraltar have led to suggestions that Neanderthals clung on there until as […]