Jobs for the girls

Austrian archaeologists are reconsidering prehistoric gender roles after the discovery of what could be the earliest female metalworker. The burial of a mature woman, aged between 45 and 60, was uncovered along with 14 other early Bronze Age graves during excavations by the Austrian Museum of Ancient History at Geitzendorf, north-west of Vienna. She had […]

15th century brassiere

600 year-old bras found in Austria

A remarkable discovery by Beatrix Nutz has taken the world by surprise: bras were worn 600 years ago! Bras were originally thought to have appeared about 100 years ago, but these four linen examples have proved specialists wrong. The bras and a pair of underwear were found at Lengberg Castle in Tyrol in 2008 during […]

Carnuntum: Gladiator training centre found near Vienna

The former Roman town of Carnuntum, today an Archaeological park on the Danube 24 miles (38km) east of Vienna, is already known for its well-preserved amphitheatre, but archaeologists have now also discovered the first gladiator training school ever found outside Italy. The find was made using state-of- the-art, ground-penetrating radar equipment, so sensitive that, according […]

Oetzi Under Threat

Researchers suspect the corpse of Oetzi, the 5,000-year-old mummy frozen in the Italian Alps might have been contaminated by bacteria since its discovery in 1991.   X-rays have shown up light patches on Oetzi’s skeleton. These seem to be bubbles in the bones that could be caused by bacteria, said Eduard Egarter Vigl, who is […]

Strontium in bones

Researchers use stronium in bones to distinguish between population groups