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Hope through heritage

Before September, the people in this picture had never picked up a chisel. Now, only a few months into World Monument Fund’s conservation stonemasonry training programme, they can carve arabesques for zakhrafa jambs, prepare rectangular billet mouldings, or work an ovolo return. Not yet perfect maybe, but still astonishing progress, made more remarkable still given […]

Tell Brak

Syria: Tell Brak

Civil unrest, violent clashes, an oppressive authority: we could be talking about Syria today. But this is 6,000 years ago, during the Late Chalcolithic Period.

Syria: Upheavals halt excavations

Archaeologists in Syria have been forced to pull out of the country because of civil unrest, with protesters opposing the government of President Bashar al-Assad. International teams were recording sites threatened by the Halabiyeh hydropower scheme. Now they fear that many of these important and little-explored sites will be lost to flood waters, if the […]



A new exhibition in New York reveals the secrets of another strikingly cosmopolitan city, one with a long and turbulent past.


City of Sweyhat

How did the city of Sweyhat thrive in the Mesopotamian outback?


Jerablus and the Land of Carchemish

The site of Jerablus Tahtani, which rises up in the Uruk period, becomes strongly fortified in the Early Bronze Age, but is abandoned around 2,300 BC

Qatna, Syria

Peter Pfalzner, of the University of Tubingen writes of the extraordinary Brinze Age royal tombs at Qanta