Galicia: Leading the way in Spain

David Miles journeys to Galicia to see how the regional government is leading the way in Spain in conserving and presenting their archaeological sites


Spain, Early People

At the sites of Orce and Cueva Victoria in Spain, the story of the early hominid colonisation of Europe is being rewritten


Merida Spain

John Crookshank on Roman Spain, with a focus on Mérida

Earthwatch at Orce, Spain

As the summer sets in, how about exchanging your luxury hotel for a cave house, or swapping days spent lying on the beach for digging the dry austere Guadix-Baza basin in Southern Spain? Tempted? International charity Earthwatch is looking for people who are willing to get their hands dirty in an effort to reconstruct Europe […]


Granada, Spain

Richard Hodges looks at rescue archaeology in Spain, and is sceptical about UNESCO’s plans for Alhambra

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