Numantia: New Model Legion

Numantia in north-eastern Spain is currently the most important Roman Republican military site in the world. Century-old landmark excavations have just been radically reassessed. What have we learnt about the making of the legions?


Mallorca: On the Edge of Empire

During the Dark Ages on the island of Mallorca, culture and religion clashed between the fading Pagans of Rome and the Byzantine and Vandal Christians. Antoni Puig and Mike Elkin examine evidence from excavations at the Byzantine church of Son Peretó to reveal how the new religion developed on the fringes of an empire.



Richard Hodges gets gourmand in Spello, Italy



The Roman city of Clunia has many prestigious monuments, such as the massive theatre shown on the cover. So why was the city a failure?


Maritime Archaeology

Andrew Selkirk travels to Madrid to discover more on maritime archaeology and trade


Pintia: Roman City

Once a thriving Iron Age settlement, the city and its necropolis is now offering a wealth of evidence about the elusive Vaccaei people


Motilla del Azuer: A Spanish Broch?

The brochs of Northern and western Scotland form some of the most remarkable and distinctive defensive structures in Europe. Now a similar, though much earlier form of structure has been discovered in Spain at the settlement of Motilla del Azuer (Daimiel, Ciudad Real), located in the central area of the Iberian Peninsula. Artificial mounds known […]


Galicia: Leading the way in Spain

David Miles journeys to Galicia to see how the regional government is leading the way in Spain in conserving and presenting their archaeological sites


Spain, Early People

At the sites of Orce and Cueva Victoria in Spain, the story of the early hominid colonisation of Europe is being rewritten

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