Early Modern


Royal Academy of Arts: Opulence and Anxiety, Landscape Paintings

Compton Verney, the Grade I-listed mansion house near Stratford-upon-Avon, recently opened as an art and exhibition gallery. It is currently hosting a major exhibition Opulence and Anxiety: Landscape paintings from the Royal Academy of Arts. The paintings on show date from the later 18th century until the present and are by artists including Constable through […]


Bisitun, Iran

Bisitun, site of a rock-cut relief that enabled the decipherment of cuneiform Babylonian has been made into a World Heritage monument


London 1606 to Virginia 1607

The early history of the first English settlement in America – as revealed in a new exhibition at London’s Museum in Docklands


Polynesia: Art and Divinity

What is taboo? The current exhibition at the British Museum reveals all by looking at Art and Divinity in Polynesia, 1760-1860


Ruins Reused

If your Christmas fare needs to be digestible, stimulating, with a touch of religion, this is the book for you – even if ‘ruins’ have shades of Christmas Past. Michael Thompson writes from personal experience and considered study and in 100 pages provides an excellent introduction to attitudes to ruins from c.1790 to today. But […]

Review: The Treasure of Rennes-le-Château

In his best selling book The Da Vinci Code, the author Dan Brown says that there are just two facts in the book: the existence of the Opus Dei and of the Priory of Sion. The Opus Dei is real enough, but the Priory of Sion has a less distinguished pedigree. Bill Putnam, who is […]

Chitral, Pakistan

A royal fort in the Hindu Kush, and its seige in 1895: Bill Woodburn and Neil Faulkner report

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