North America


Digging Deeper

In Brian Fagan’s latest instalment of all things archaeological that are both exotic and entertaining he worships Maya macaws, reveals the oldest evidence for humans in America, and gets dirty with Maya farmers.

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Dental News on Columbus Crew

Discoveries from South American graveyard thought to contain the dead from Christopher Columbus’ second voyage to the Americas


In the Land of Lincoln

The 16th president of the USA is much written about; now, excavations in Salem, Illinois, are revealing new secrets about his early life.



Richard Hodges writes from Gettysburg, USA


Remembering Awatovi: Story of an Archaeological Expedition in Northern Arizona 1935-1939, the

Remembering Awatovi describes life in a field camp in Hopi country between 1935 and 1939, during a Harvard University expedition to northern Arizona under Joe Brew.¬†Davis describes an era of unimaginably primitive fieldwork by today’s standards. Well-known, and some almost forgotten, archaeologists come to life as people, which helps us better understand their archaeological work, […]


Reinventing Penn Museum

Richard Hodges The Director of the University of Pennsylvania Museum
of Archaeology and Anthropology, considers the Museum’s future

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