North America


Native American Voices on Identity, Art, and Culture

The University Museum’s North American collections are justly famous and owe much of their existence to Louis Shotridge, a Tlingit elder from Southeast Alaska, as well as many anthropologists and curators – among them the redoubtable Frederica de Laguna. To pioneers like Shotridge and de Laguna, the objects they collected had a greater significance than […]


Life at Harvard 1600s

Students at Harvard University are conducting excavations in their own back yard, in the grounds of Old College


Privy Digging Condemned

US heritage council tells amateur archaeologists to stop the uncontrolled digging of cesspits


Alaska’s Rock Art

The intriguing rock art from the Alaskan rock shelters of Tuxedni and Clam Cove



The Archaeology of Antigua in the Caribbean, once at the epicentre of slavery, empire and wealth


Caribbean Petroglyphs

Michael Chaplan follows in the footsteps of early 20th century archaeologist and surveyor, Thomas Huckerby, in search of Caribbean petroglyphs


Metropolitan Museum

A missive from the new Greek and Roman Antiquities Gallery of New York’s Metropolitan Museum

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