Egypt: How a Lost Civilisation was Discovered

Egypt – How a lost civilisation was rediscovered. Joyce Tyldesley BBC Books, £17.99 In 1400 BC, the three pyramids at Giza, were already 1000 years old. Long abandoned by their priests, they lay open, stripped of their precious contents. The once-mighty sphinx already lay buried to its neck in sand. Fashions had changed and the […]

In Search of the Red Slave

In 1703, Robert Drury, aged 16, was shipwrecked on the south coast of Madagascar. For the next 13 years he was a slave on the island, a ‘red’ slave because the people of Madagascar saw the skin colour that today we call ‘white’ as being ‘red’. Eventually he was able to escape and hitched a […]



Anthropological fieldwork with the Chagga in Kilimanjaro

Review: The Lost Tomb

One cannot leave the story of KV5 without looking at some of the literature it has produced. First and foremost is Kent Weeks’ own account of the discovery of the tomb. The Lost Tomb is one of the best archaeological books I have ever read. I bought it to read during our trip to Egypt […]

Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt

Every time an archaeologist looks at non-élite everyday data, this is heralded as something special, unusual, praise-worthy, and in the case of Meskell’s book, is described as ‘pathbreaking’. In fact, increasing numbers of researchers are looking at the regular every-day lives of the ancients. In the Ancient Egyptian arena, this is helped by the wealth […]

Mummy found at Saqqara

An Egyptian-led team of archaeologists have discovered a brilliantly-coloured mummy at the Saqqara Pyramids complex near Cairo, Egypt. The mummy is thought to have been buried around 300 BC.   Stand back Nigella Lawson and Kate Moss, this yummy mummy has hit the headlines as the world’s most beautiful mummy. Though its identity is unknown, […]

Rameses II

The mighty statue of Ramases II is set to be moved from down-town Cairo to a new museum planned for the Giza Plateau

Mons Claudianus, Egypt

Two quarries in Egypt’s Eastern Desert supplied much of the best building stone for imperial Rome

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