Dangeil, Sudan

Excavations at the Late Kushite city of Dangeil in Sudan reveal a temple of Amun, and a massive bread-making facility

H Beta Giyorgis plus pilgrims

Lalibela, Ethiopa, Rock-Hewn Churches

One of the original 12 sites to be added to the World Heritage list, Lalibela is one of the most important pilgrimage places of Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity and famed for its 11 Medieval churches, all of which are hewn into the rock. These exceptional buildings are said to have been built during the 25 year reign of King Lalibela – with more than a little help from the angels. But archaeologists question miracles; and here, David Phillipson, Professor of African Archaeology at Cambridge, introduces us to the wonders of Lalibela and offers a new interpretation of its chronology and creation.


Egypt: Cemetery of Zoser

The excavations at a fashionable Old Kingdom cemetery lying just behind the step pyramid of Zoser, Saqqara, Egypt

100 Hieroglyphs

Let us learn a few hieroglyphs. Let us start with a straight line. This obviously means ‘land’ because in Egypt all the land that is worth talking about is the flood plain of the Nile, which is more or less dead flat. Let us then add three dots below our straight line: these represent the […]

In Search of Desert Glass

CWA look into the origins of the unique and beautiful yellow-green glass that has been produced in the Egyptian Sahara for thousands of years


Nigel Hetherington guides us through the latest developments at the Valley of the Kings

Tomb of Senneferi

How did a high-class Egyptian tomb work? All is revealed at the tomb of Senneferi who lived at the height of the New Kingdom at around 1420