Travel: Africa Vetus

Caitlin McCall explores Roman remains in the land of Dido, Hannibal, and Caesar. Tunisia, with its glorious sandy beaches wedged between Algeria and Libya on the north coast of Africa, covers an area roughly two-thirds the size of the UK, but with just one-sixth its population. Such a ratio of land to people means that, […]

Bardo museum in Tunisia

Travel: Tunisia with Mr. Mosaic

Richard Hodges looks at the life and work of renowned conservator Roberto Nardi, en route to the Bardo Museum.   Speaking in Oslo’s City Hall after his election as winner of the EU and Europa Nostra prize for cultural heritage for 2015, Roberto Nardi explained that he was amazed to be paid for doing what […]


Book Review: Carthage Must be Destroyed: The Rise and Fall of an Ancient Civilization

This is an excellent account of the rise and fall of a great ancient civilisation. It starts in Phoenicia and describes the great expansion of the Phoenicians along the north coast of Africa, the foundation of Carthage and its eventual destruction. The author, Richard Miles, a Classicist at Trinity Hall Cambridge, has now written what […]


Magerius Mosaic: Smirat, Tunisia

A mosaic from the village of Smirat, Tunisia contains two long inscriptions which reveal how entertainment was put on in a Roman amphitheatre

Kerkouane, Secrets of the Carthaginians revealed

Kerkouane, on the tip of Cap Bon in Tunisia is one of the most extensively excavated of all Carthaginian settlements. What did it look like, and how did the ordinary Carthaginian live? Andrew Selkirk, CWA’s editor-in-chief, visited to discover more. One day in 1952, Charles Saumagne a member of the French Department of Antiquities in […]