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Elgin Marbles, The

Visitors to Athens tend to spend most of their time pursuing the remains of the great Classical city. They will probably note with horror the monstrosities of the modern city and they may possibly, if they are lucky, come across the fascinating remains of medieval and early modern Athens. After the Classical era, Athens had […]

Egyptian Dwarfs

Biological and artistic evidence suggests that dwarfs held a privilaged position in Ancient Egyptian society

Egypt: How a Lost Civilisation was Discovered

Egypt – How a lost civilisation was rediscovered. Joyce Tyldesley BBC Books, £17.99 In 1400 BC, the three pyramids at Giza, were already 1000 years old. Long abandoned by their priests, they lay open, stripped of their precious contents. The once-mighty sphinx already lay buried to its neck in sand. Fashions had changed and the […]

Tomb of Agamemnon, The

In the 1870s, the German grocer Heinrich Schliemann decided to devote the wealth he had accumulated in grocery to go and dig up first Troy and then Mycenae. In Mycenae he struck gold – literally. In 1876, just inside the Lion Gate, he excavated a circle of stone slabs which contained five shaft graves and […]


Yemen, Arabia Felix

Richard Hodges reports from the land of multi-storey mud-brick architecture, known to the Romans as Arabia Felix

Fall of Rome and the End of Civilization, The

‘Some of the recent literature on the Germanic settlements reads like an account of a tea party at the Roman vicarage. A shy newcomer to the village, who is a useful prospect for the cricket team, is invited in. There is a brief moment of awkwardness while the host finds an empty chair and pours […]

Bourbonne les Bains

A close look at the copious Roman artefacts found at the bottom of the sacred spring at Bourbonne-les-Bains in France

Wadi Faynan, Copper Mine

Revealed: the evidence for ancient copper mining at Wadi Faynan in Jordan, sinisterly called ‘most polluted place on earth’

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