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Romanist Neil Faulkner takes us on a tour of the Roman port of Ostia


Who was Hadrian?

Who was Hadrian? The British Museum’s latest block-buster considers the life of the enigmatic emperor



Penn’s Prof. Brian Rose takes us to Troy, the site he has excavated for the past 20 years



Here Neil Faulkner presents a portrait of Hadrian from his new book Rome: empire of the eagles


Rosetta Stone, The

The Rosetta Stone and the Rebirth of Ancient Egypt John Ray, Profile £15.99 Which object lends its name to internationally known software for teaching languages, to a European space mission aiming to unlock the secrets of the solar system before planets formed, and to a technique for deciphering the human genome, not to speak of […]


The Last Roman

The Last Roman: Romulus Augustulus and the decline of the West Adrian Murdoch Sutton, £18.99 Romulus Augustulus is very much the forgotten man of Roman history. Emperor for only ten short months at the age of 12, he was then sent into exile as the Western Roman Empire arguably ceased to exist. This new study […]


Xerxes Canal

Archaeological investigations reveal the canal built by the Persian king Xerxes in northern Greece


Bankers of Puteoli, The

The Bankers of Puteoli: Finance, Trade and Industry in the Roman World David Jones Tempus, £19.99  In 1955, a hoard of over a hundred wax writing tablets was discovered when a motorway was being constructed 500 yards south of the Stabian Gate at Pompeii, in an area known as the Agri Murecini. Publication of the […]


Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt

Chronicle of the Queens of Egypt Joyce Tyldesley, Thames and Hudson, £19.95 How powerful were women in Ancient Egypt? To judge by the number of queens that are known, many of them were surprisingly powerful. In the New Kingdom (1539-1096 BC), as Egypt became the richest land of the Mediterranean world, Queen consorts maintained a […]

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