1st Milennium AD


Staffordshire Hoard

An Anglo-Saxon hoard containg over 1,346 gold and silver items has been discovered by a metal detectorist in Staffordshire, England


Ziyaret Tepe

What was life like on the northern frontier of the assyrian empire?The colonial site of Ziyaret Tepe reveals how boom went bust



Richard Hodges tours the Salento in South Italy; there he finds a clash of civilizations and some intriguing Medieval graffiti


Sutton Hoo

The Sutton Hoo ship cemetery was one of the ideological forging-houses of early Medieval kingship in Europe. Here we discover how kings were first made.


Maritime Archaeology

Andrew Selkirk travels to Madrid to discover more on maritime archaeology and trade



Excavations beneath Copán have unearthed unexpected information about this powerful Maya site.


Pompeii Paint Problem

New scientific research is attempting to discern why Pompeii’s paintings are turning black after excavation


Dangeil, Sudan

Excavations at the Late Kushite city of Dangeil in Sudan reveal a temple of Amun, and a massive bread-making facility


Great Wall of China: Walk Wonder of the World for Parkinson’s

The undulating Great Wall of China is one of the world’s foremost historical sites. The mighty wall runs across the north of the country and was built over 2,000 years ago by the first Emperor of China who feared invasion by those pesky barbarians. Such was the imperial terror, that the Great Wall ranks as […]

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