Metropolitan Museum

A missive from the new Greek and Roman Antiquities Gallery of New York’s Metropolitan Museum


Final Report

Final Report: An Archaeologist Excavated His Past Michael Coe, Thames and Hudson, £18.95  Michael Coe is one of the great figures of American anthropology. He was Professor of Anthropology at Yale and Curator of the Peabody Museum, but his name will be familiar to readers of Current World Archaeology for his writings for a wider […]


London 1606 to Virginia 1607

The early history of the first English settlement in America – as revealed in a new exhibition at London’s Museum in Docklands

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Ancient Americans

A rich feast of books crossed my desk this year. Unfortunately, I did not have the time to read most of them. But I found Ancient Americans an engrossing read, written as it is by an outsider, not an archaeologist. Despite the best efforts of archaeologists and other scholars, the popular image of the Americas […]

Neolithic Baby Boom

Scientific study reveals the invention of agriculture led to significant population increase

New Orleans

Andrew Selkirk recalls the city before the devestation of Hurricane Katrina, and reveals some unusual burial practices

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