Nebra Disk

Questions raised as to the authenticity of the Bronze Age disc



Richard Hodges reports from Florence where changes to the entrance of the Uffizi have caused a stir

Horses of St Mark’s

In 1204, the Venetians, leading the Fourth Crusade, decided to postpone their attack on the infidel, and turned aside to sack the greatest city of Christendom, Constantinople. This proved extremely profitable, and among the loot that the Venetians carried home with them were four magnificent bronze horses which had stood in the Hippodrome. These they […]

Enemies of Rome

Many believe that Rome was glorious, and that Rome brought civilisation – law, architecture, literature, a better lifestyle – into the Barbarian darkness of the conquered people. But was this really so? Philip Matyszak presents the alternative view. His book tells the story of the growth and eventual demise of Rome from the perspective of […]

Apulum: Romania

Deep in the heart of Transylvania, at the long dead colonia of Apulum, the archaeologists have been uncovering a shrine to the Roman god Liber Pater

Beatrice de Cardi

Beatrice has recently celebrated her 90th birthday, and here she recalls her far flung life in the field in Pakistan, Iran and the Arabian peninsula