We know more about Pompeii than any other Roman town. It is the benchmark, and yet we still have so much to learn…


Siracusa, Sicily

Beneath the glorious Sicilian coastal city of Siracusa lies a vast underground world, as Michael Metcalfe reveals.


Portus’ Pantheon

To the south west of Rome, at the mouth of the Tiber, archaeologists from Southampton University and the British School at Rome have been excavating at Portus, the huge Roman port (twice the size of Southampton’s modern harbour). It was through this port that Rome’s luxury goods and essential grain supplies were imported from all […]


Baia, the Underworld

Just west of the entrance to the underworld, lies the site of Baia. Mike Cless takes us there, tells of a divine discovery, then ventures underground

Byzantine Anatolia

Portus – world wonder

An amphitheatre, with a footprint to match the Pantheon in Rome, has been discovered at the 2nd century man-made harbour of Portus, Rome’s ‘gateway to the Mediterranean’.



Richard Hodges tours the Salento in South Italy; there he finds a clash of civilizations and some intriguing Medieval graffiti



Richard Hodges obsesses over Medieval Comacchio, Italy



Images of the Universe from Antiquity to the Telescope


Herculaneum re-painted

Laser scanning techniques used to create detailed picture of statues found at Herculaneum

Roman Amphitheatre in Britain, The

Tony Wilmott started with the re-excavation of one amphitheatre, that of Chester. He promptly went on to a re-examination of amphitheatres, sorts of amphitheatres (you need to read the book!), and theatres of Roman Britain to explain how they worked in practice. But this book is far more than a warm up for an excavation […]

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