Francophile David Miles pulls on his hiking boots, and sets off in search of Neolithic farmers in the South of France.


Coming full circle at Arcy-sur-Cure

CWA introduces our new columnist and old friend Charles Higham, who, in this issue, recalls his earliest forays into archaeology, and how the present has a habit of linking up with the past.


France: Climb Every Mountain

Were mountains treacherous zones spurned by early people? Kevin Walsh and Florence Mocci share the 10 millennia long story of life above the 2,000m mark.



Mould, decay, mismanagement: having survived for millennia, the exquisite art at Lascaux is critically degrading. International rock-art expert Paul G Bahn reports.


Arles, Underwater Finds

Former chief archaeological advisor to English Heritage David Miles travels to Arles in Southern France. There, he pays homage to a new exhibition featuring Caesar’s head and an array of other finds dredged from ‘la plus grande poubelle’ – AKA the Rhône at Arles.


Périgord Noir

Périgord possesses two superlative assets: unrivalled rock art and matchless cuisine. The two seem utterly incompatible: after all, it stretches one’s imagination to associate archaeologists of early humans with discerning culinary matters. In essence, these archaeologists are manqué fossil hunters, gripped by the metrics of fragmentary bones and stones. Yet again, perhaps for all their […]


Towers and tombs

How rescue archaeology is revolutionising our knowledge of the past


New French Museum

France’s sorcerers cave gets its own dedicated museum at Angles-sur-l’Anglin, Vienne

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