Death on the Nile

Ancient Egyptians believed death was survivable. Far from resting in peace, their demise catapulted them into a disorientating netherworld roamed by gods and demons. This marked the beginning of a new and dangerous journey. The ultimate goal was to enter the realm of the gods; but to reach this a spirit needed to negotiate the […]


Rosetta Stone

How did a slab of black granite become the key to deciphering hieroglyphs

868 (1)

Lost Tombs of Thebes

The Valley of the Nobles, just east of the Valley of the Kings, contains
some of the most spectacular ancient Egyptian tombs. However, most remain unknown to the general public. Now, Egypt’s leading archaeologist, Zahi Hawass, has initiated major investigations, as illustrated in his splendid new book The Lost Tombs of Thebes, from which edited extracts follow.


Lost Languages

From Minoan Linear B to Maya glyphs, Andrew Robinson explains how to decode the past



Seeking Saqqara’s New Kingdom Tombs



Revealing the Delta’s Secrets


An Egyptologist’s Egypt

Editor of Ancient Egypt magazine, Bob Partridge, reflects how the country has changed over the 30 years he has been visiting

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