Issue 28


Life at Harvard 1600s

Students at Harvard University are conducting excavations in their own back yard, in the grounds of Old College


Privy Digging Condemned

US heritage council tells amateur archaeologists to stop the uncontrolled digging of cesspits



Richard Hodges writes from Tuscany


Yemen: On Tour

CWA’s editor Nadia Durrani take us on a tour through one of her favourite countries, Yemen

Blue Guides

Guide books are essential for the visitor. I wanted to recommend the Blue Guides, which I have always found helpful, writes Andrew Selkirk. However, the Blue Guides have changed hands, and the new owners have apparently decided to take the Guides down-market. Previously owned by Ernest Benn, they then passed into the ownership of A […]


Ancient Board Games

Though archaeological evidence is lacking, it is generally believed on other grounds that India is where the game of chess was invented in the 1st millennium AD. However, this theory has been a battleground between different scholars favouring India, Persia, China and elsewhere in Asia, as Ancient Board Games in Perspective makes abundantly clear. So […]


Alexander’s Tomb

The final resting place of Alexander the Great is one of the famous unsolved mysteries of the ancient world. After he died in Babylon in 323 BC his body was apparently hijacked by Ptolemy and taken to Egypt to be the propaganda centrepiece of his new kingdom. There it stayed for generations until being lost […]

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