What DID happen on Easter Island?

At Current World Archaeology, we are always interested in the latest research, discoveries, and subsequent debates. Here, we present both sides of a stimulating discussion sparked by a review in CWA 48 of Terry Hunt and Carl Lipo’s new book The Statues that Walked.        


Crete, the Island that Tipped

Crete lies in an earthquake zone. This has affected the island over the centuries, but how? In the 1850’s Captain Spratt, RN, worked it out


Baia, the Underworld

Just west of the entrance to the underworld, lies the site of Baia. Mike Cless takes us there, tells of a divine discovery, then ventures underground

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Aquincum, Roman Budapest

The tumultuous history of the legionary fortress and civilian town of aquincum, Roman Budapest


Athens Revisited

A walk through the heart of Athens, taking in the latest archaeological gems, but ably avoiding the crowded Acropolis


Roman Frontiers

The world’s largest archaeological site – the former frontiers of the Roman Empire – are to be given World Heritage Site status



The Roman city of Clunia has many prestigious monuments, such as the massive theatre shown on the cover. So why was the city a failure?


Rimini revealed

Nadia Durrani reports on the site of the newly-opened Surgeon’s House in Rimini, north-east Italy

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