South America


Lamanai, Belize: Collapse of the Maya

Did the great Maya civilisation really collapse? Jim Aimers writes of the intriguing evidence from Lamanai, the splendid Maya site in northern Belize

Calima and Malagana: Art and Archaeology in Southwestern Colombia

Calima and Malagana is a luxuriously-presented book that offers the fruits of nearly a quarter century of research in the Calima and Cauca valley of Colombia; and is written and edited by the very archaeologists who have pioneered archaeological investigation in the area. This corner of Colombia – the subject of an article in CWA […]

Review: The Maya

This is the seventh edition of Coe’s Maya, a readable and enjoyable richly illustrated introduction to the New World civilisation. Here, the Yale Professor of Anthropology presents an updated text that offers new evidence, gleaned over the past decade, since, as Coe points out ‘hardly a week goes by without the announcement of a new […]

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