South America


Brian Fagan Digs Deeper

A Maya lord The ancient Maya continue to surprise us, this time with the discovery of a well-preserved tomb under the El Diablo pyramid at El Zotz in Guatemala. Stephen Houston and his research team encountered the grave under a chamber in a small temple in front of the pyramids dedicated to the sun god, […]

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Incas under fire

Human remains unearthed in Lima, capital of Peru, have yielded the first direct evidence of Inca deaths caused by Spanish conquerors around 500 years ago, says Melissa Murphy of the University of Wyoming in Laramie. In a report on Violence and weapon-related trauma at Puruchuco-Huaquerones, Peru, published in the American Journal of Physical Anthropology, Professor […]


Belize, Sweatbath

What do we know of Maya ritual practices? New revelations of a well-preserved sweatbath at Pook’s Hill in western Belize are hot. Christophe Helmke and Jaime Awe write.


Amazonian Emire Found

Stories about lost jungle civilizations are normally the staple of adventure films or the lunatic fringe. Now fiction has become reality with the discovery of hundreds of huge and hitherto unknown earthworks in the upper Amazon basin, near the borders of Bolivia and Brazil. Wide-scale forest clearance for agriculture has revealed 200 enclosures and the […]


Serra Da Capivara

The compelling rock art of north-eastern Brazil explored. But how might it redraft the story of early human migration


Tombs of the Lords of Sipan

CWA investigates the unplundered tombs of the Moche culture ‘Lords of Sipan’, who were buried with dazzling splendour in the early centuries AD

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The Moche Route

Second part of the Peru Special – the Moche Route of the Northern coast in more depth

My old trowel.

More than Moche

There is a range of other must-see sites on the Northern coastal ‘Moche Route’ that date from before and after the Moche period. Among the gems is the ancient huaca of Cerro Ventarron, which neighbours the Lords of Sipan site, excavated by Walter Alva. At Cerro Ventarron, Walter’s son, Ignatius Alva, is working his father’s […]


Robinson Crusoe Island, Chile

Two hearths, three postholes, and a fragment from a nautical instrument: could this be the shelter of Alexander Selkirk, the original Robinson Crusoe


Lost Towns

Far from the Amazon being virgin forest, it once supported a network of densely populated towns, according to Prof. Mike Heckenberger, from the University of Florida, in Gainesville, whose team has found evidence of a grid-like pattern of settlements connected by road networks and arranged around large central plazas in the Upper Xingu region of […]


Viva La Revolucion!

Viva La Revolucion! is a wonderfully engaging title featuring recipes from Mexico’s best chefs. Cook-books are certainly all the rage at Christmas, but why pick one for an archaeology magazine? Quite simply because author Fiona Dunlop appreciates the strong cultural element of food and she makes that connection in this book. Thus, in introductory narratives to each […]

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