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Viva La Revolucion!

Viva La Revolucion! is a wonderfully engaging title featuring recipes from Mexico’s best chefs. Cook-books are certainly all the rage at Christmas, but why pick one for an archaeology magazine? Quite simply because author Fiona Dunlop appreciates the strong cultural element of food and she makes that connection in this book. Thus, in introductory narratives to each […]



Excavations beneath Copán have unearthed unexpected information about this powerful Maya site.

First Americans chewed seaweed

Cuds of masticated seaweed, dating from 14,220 and 13,980 have been found in hearths at Monte Verde settlement in southern Chile


The Ancient Maya

The Maya civilization of Mesoamerica encompassed the entirety of what are now the countries of Guatemala and Belize and large parts of adjoining Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador. The romantic vision of mysterious jungle-shrouded ruins and glyphic texts that withstand decipherment is dispelled by the most recent sixth edition of The Ancient Maya. The book […]


The Maya Vase Conservation Project

Classic Maya ceramics are among the most intriguing and valuable sources to reconstruct Ancient Maya society and life. No books have survived from the Classic times (AD 300-900), and many public stone monuments are eroded or only provide limited information. Ceramics, on the other hand, paint an intricate picture of Classic Maya royal courts, warfare, […]


Aztec Fractions

A study from science magazine has revealed that previously unknown Aztec symbols infact units of land holdings in pre-columbian Mexico

My old trowel.

Mesoamerican paint

The formula used to create ‘Mayan blue’ used in ritual practice has finally been revealed

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