King Soloman’s mines

Excavators at Herodium have reiterated their claim that have found king Herod’s sarcophagus

The Empire and the Kingdom

Review: The Empire and the Kingdom

Publications with numerous glossy photographs showing the wonders and beauty of the world in which we live are, these days, ten a penny. However, for those interested in something visually compelling, but with a difference, then this title is highly recommended. The photographs reproduced in this book are, as the authors point out, entirely non-commercial […]


Great Arab Revolt Project

The Great Arab Revolt Project, the CWA-backed excavation, is in its second season. Here the team tells of the latest results


Hidden Jordan

The Council for British Research in the Levant is sponsoring a Ritual Landscapes Project in search of copper age burials


Lawrence of Arabia’s War

The archaeology of Lawrence of Arabia’s war: Neil Faulkner reports on the team’s first seasons’ work at Wadi Rutm in Southern Jordan


Jordan, Neolithic Figs

Ancient figs found in Jordan may prove to be some the earliest evidence of agriculture in the world


The archaeology of Lawrence of Arabia

Beyond The River

To the east of the small town of Madaba in Jordan – famed for its 6th century AD Mosaic Map, the earliest known map of the Levant – is the Persian Palace of Qasr el-Mushatta. So impressive were these Persian ruins that Layard, writing in 1840, described them as ‘a marvellous example of the sumptuousness […]

Wadi Faynan, Copper Mine

Revealed: the evidence for ancient copper mining at Wadi Faynan in Jordan, sinisterly called ‘most polluted place on earth’

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