Jordan: all that Glistens is not Gold

The CWA-allied Great Arab Revolt Project has just completed its fourth season in the Jordanian desert searching for the remains of Lawrence of Arabia’s war. Sometimes, archaeological discoveries are spectacular. More often, they are very mundane. But, argues GARP landscape archaeologist John Winterburn, the very mundane can be packed with information


Périgord Noir

Périgord possesses two superlative assets: unrivalled rock art and matchless cuisine. The two seem utterly incompatible: after all, it stretches one’s imagination to associate archaeologists of early humans with discerning culinary matters. In essence, these archaeologists are manqué fossil hunters, gripped by the metrics of fragmentary bones and stones. Yet again, perhaps for all their […]



The oasis town of Ghadames is an architectural gem in western Libya. It once lay on the trans-Saharan trade-route described in the previous feature. Words and pictures Fiona Dunlop.


Baia, the Underworld

Just west of the entrance to the underworld, lies the site of Baia. Mike Cless takes us there, tells of a divine discovery, then ventures underground


The Art of Kate Whiteford

To say Kate Whiteford, the Scottish artist, is fascinated by archaeology is an understatement. Land drawings/ installations/excavations, her newly published, and sumptuously illustrated book, which describes much of her career as an artist, is essentially a peon to the belief in place-making. Central to this, in Kate’s view, is the process of archaeological enquiry, including […]



Richard Hodges tours the Salento in South Italy; there he finds a clash of civilizations and some intriguing Medieval graffiti


Athens Revisited

A walk through the heart of Athens, taking in the latest archaeological gems, but ably avoiding the crowded Acropolis


An Egyptologist’s Egypt

Editor of Ancient Egypt magazine, Bob Partridge, reflects how the country has changed over the 30 years he has been visiting



Richard Hodges obsesses over Medieval Comacchio, Italy