Visiting Pompeii

Pompeii is one of the World’s great archaeology attractions. And more of it is being uncovered every day. Here is our brief guide to the latest research and discoveries. Introduction Until recently, Pompeian archaeologists spent most of their time clearing volcanic debris to expose extensive areas of the city or trying to classify the architecture, […]


Metropolitan Museum

A missive from the new Greek and Roman Antiquities Gallery of New York’s Metropolitan Museum


Alatri, Italy

Richard Hodges visits the monastery of San Sebastiano with Lisa Fentress to investigate its date



Richard Hodges sends news from Sicily and visits sites including Syracuse – one of many extensive Greek planned colonies along the south coast


Bisitun, Iran

Bisitun, site of a rock-cut relief that enabled the decipherment of cuneiform Babylonian has been made into a World Heritage monument



Richard Hodges visits the distinguished Danish archaeologist Klavs Randsborg and together they explore Denmark’s past


Cape Styllo

Richard Hodges sends his regular archaeological news, this time from Cape Styllo, a ‘no-man’s land’ between Greece and Albania

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Ara Pacis, Italy

Richard Hodges visits architect Richard Meier’s new building that encloses the Ara Pacis, the monument to peace erected by Emperor Augustus


France, The Grotte de Niaux

Prof. Tim Darvill and Yvette Staelens of Bournemouth University send a missive from the Grotte de Niaux, a cave bursting with Palaeolithic rock-art


Ano Koufonissi, Greece

Richard Hodges writes from the island of Áno Koufoníssi where he spent time with Lord Renfrew