Issue 33


Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson was certainly no archaeologist, but his mid-20th century photographs of ancient sites and cultural traditions, especially in Asia, will be familiar to most archaeologists. His images are fresh, no matter how often one looks at them. Their timeless appeal also survives reproduction in a small format, as proved by this generously illustrated and […]


Garden Cosmos: the Royal Paintings of Jodhpur

‘The paintings handed down by my ancestors are perhaps the most important of the Jodhpur royal collections’, writes the present maharaja of Jodhpur in his foreword to Garden & Cosmos, the excellent and lavish catalogue of an exhibition scheduled for the British Museum and National Museum of India during 2009. He also notes that this […]


Palenque: Eternal City of the Maya

For the next two decades, tourists visiting Palenque were told that the body was that of an unknown Maya king. Then, in the 1970s, after a meeting of mainly US scholars at Palenque at 1973, there was a breakthrough, based partly on the controversial methods of decipherment published in Russia by Yuri Knorosov in the […]



The history and mystery of ancient Babylon are explored in the new exhibition Myth and Reality at the British Museum

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