Ajanta Caves

This book is beautiful. Indeed, author Benoy Behl describes his work as a ‘labour of love’. With over 200 illustrations, 189 of which are in full-colour, this is the most comprehensive publication of the Buddhist art from the Ajanta caves in western India. The exquisite paintings and sculptures from the World Heritage Site caves range […]

Petra, Jordan

Excavations are underway at the soldiers tomb in Petra, Jordna. Here there is both a tomb and a ritual dining room

Earliest Rice

Cultivated rice dating back 10,000 years discovered in China

Petra Discovered

With Petra being the lead article in this issue it is perhaps appropriate to look at a magnificent new book on the subject – Petra Rediscovered. This is an American book produced by the Cincinnati Art Museum and edited by their curator Glenn Markoe. It is a large format gorgeously illustrated volume, but it must […]

Ban Non Wat, Thailand

At Ban Non Wat, Charles Higham is discovering an unknown Bronze Age civilisation, with some remarkable ‘superburials’

Przewalski Horse

Worlds last breed of truly wild horse reintroduced to Mongolian Slopes