Issue 27


Discovery! Unearthing the New Treasures of Archaeology

Where Brian Fagan was once a lone pioneer as a writer of popular archaeology, the discipline now has numerous accomplished communicators. This book benefits from the contributions of 60 such researchers who report on their own recent work in the field and the laboratory. The result is a series of first-hand accounts of finds so […]


The Story of the Maria Theresa Thaler

Scattered across the globe are millions of the handsome 28 gram silver coins known as the Maria Theresa Thaler (MTT). First struck in 1741 the Habsburg coin has been minted ever since the death of the Empress in 1780 carrying that date on the reverse. More than 400 million have been stamped out from mints […]


The Architecture of Yemen

When it comes to durability and aesthetic appeal, the master builders of ancient Yemen knew a thing or two about sun-dried mud. And their accomplishments hold lessons for modern developers in Arabia, according to Iraqi architect Salma Samar Dalmuji. Lavishly illustrated with striking images of mud-brick city towers, mosques and desert palaces, The Architecture of […]


Ohthere’s Voyages

Ohthere was a Norwegian seafarer, who visited the court of Saxon King Alfred during the 850s AD. He was an honoured guest, who regaled the court with stories of his voyages along the coast of Norway, as far south as Hedeby at the base of the modern-day Danish peninsula, and deep into the Baltic as […]

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