First Farmers Fashion

The adoption of green beads used for jewllery coincides with the adoption of agriculture


Israel’s first Kings

Our cover story reveals why, contrary to Old Testament teachings, the ‘evil’ Ahab and his father Omri should be regarded as the first kings of Israel

A Look at Glass

An exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem features over a hundred examples of ancient glass from across the Classical World

Temple of Jerusalem

The Temple of Jerusalem is one of the most important non-existing buildings in the world. Just what was it and why was it important? In a slim volume, The Temple of Jerusalem (Profile books, £15.99), Simon Goldhill, Professor of Greek Literature and Culture at Cambridge, looks at the temple in three different stages. The first […]

Caesarea Maritima, Israel

Herod the Great built a magnificent new harbour on the coast of Israel to rival Alexandria. Now computer generated imagery brings the harbour to life

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