Richard Hodges writes from Kerkyra, Corfu

Agamemnon's death mask

Magic of Mycenae

When we asked our readers if they had a favourite World Heritage Site, Mycenae was mentioned again and again. Featured in CWA 28, it was once one of the greatest cities of the Mycenaean civilisation, dominating the eastern Mediterranean from the 15th-12th centuries BC. Today the site boasts remarkable architectural features, such as the famous Lion Gate, as well as royal graves where spectacular artefacts including the gold ‘death mask of Agamemnon’ were found in the 19th century. Andrew Selkirk takes us on a tour of Agamemnon’s capital.


Treasury of Atreus at Mycenae

Unravelling the mystery of the location of the Treasury of Atreus – also known as the Tomb of Agamemnon – far from the other royal tombs at Mycenae

Blue Guides

Guide books are essential for the visitor. I wanted to recommend the Blue Guides, which I have always found helpful, writes Andrew Selkirk. However, the Blue Guides have changed hands, and the new owners have apparently decided to take the Guides down-market. Previously owned by Ernest Benn, they then passed into the ownership of A […]


Xerxes Canal

Archaeological investigations reveal the canal built by the Persian king Xerxes in northern Greece


British School at Athens

Increasingly, the School (its Officers and Council) have to keep a close eye on changes in the ‘research environment’ in the United Kingdom, for the very simple reason that we are largely funded by the Academy, and that the Academy itself is subject to changing winds from Whitehall (in particular the Office of Science and […]


Ano Koufonissi, Greece

Richard Hodges writes from the island of Áno Koufoníssi where he spent time with Lord Renfrew


Athens, Greece

Richard Hodges looks at the later Roman influence on this, the most famous of the classical Greek cities

Review: The Elgin Marbles

Visitors to Athens tend to spend most of their time pursuing the remains of the great Classical city. They will probably note with horror the monstrosities of the modern city and they may possibly, if they are lucky, come across the fascinating remains of medieval and early modern Athens. After the Classical era, Athens had […]

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