Issue 12



Richard Hodges on the archaeology of Macedonia, formerly part of Yugoslavia



Anthropological fieldwork with the Chagga in Kilimanjaro



Celebrating the Garden of Eden Last month, CWA joined a host of international archaeologists on Bahrain in the Arabian Gulf, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of archaeological excavations on the island. This provided an opportunity for us to witness some of Bahrain’s key ancient sites and to hear of future plans and concerns. Bahrain is […]

Review: The Lost Tomb

One cannot leave the story of KV5 without looking at some of the literature it has produced. First and foremost is Kent Weeks’ own account of the discovery of the tomb. The Lost Tomb is one of the best archaeological books I have ever read. I bought it to read during our trip to Egypt […]

Review: The Colosseum

In a medieval, and indeed modern Rome, one building above all dominates the city: the Colosseum. Erected on a swamp in the centre of the city on the ruins of the gardens of Nero’s ill-fated Golden House, it is simply so big that despite all the demolition and its use throughout the Middle Ages as […]

Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt

Every time an archaeologist looks at non-√©lite everyday data, this is heralded as something special, unusual, praise-worthy, and in the case of Meskell’s book, is described as ‘pathbreaking’. In fact, increasing numbers of researchers are looking at the regular every-day lives of the ancients. In the Ancient Egyptian arena, this is helped by the wealth […]

Chaco Canyon

Chaco Canyon is situated in what must be one of the most unpropitious landscapes in the world. Lying in the American South West, inland from California, in the corner where New Mexico, Colorado, Utah and Arizona all meet, it is near-desert, a harsh and capricious arid landscape, subject to the vagaries of the climate. Yet […]


Review: The Human Past

The Human Past is the latest blockbuster from Thames and Hudson. After the huge success of the Renfrew/Bahn Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice, Colin Ridler, the quiet mastermind behind the archaeology section at T&H, was faced with the problem of what to do next. The answer was a history of the world, a follow up […]

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